Saturday, 18 April 2015

Becoming a Writing Coach.

I've spent pretty much most of this century writing in one way or another. Ideas grew, stories were written and books have been published, and what's more, I've learned a lot. It's true that the more you write the better your writing becomes, like exercising a muscle over and over; striving through the pain, resting when you need to, and making sure you feed the muscle with the correct nutrients (that would be reading a lot of good books, and I mean A LOT!). There's always been something else I've wanted to do, and that is to help other writers grow and hone their craft.  I'm not saying that I know everything, I don't think anyone knows everything. There's always more to learn, more to discover, about life, about the world, about our own selves. What I've decided to do is to become a Writing Coach along with the publishing services I mentioned in the previous post. Writing is a lonely journey, and I'd like to help it not be as lonely a journey by giving help and support to those writers that want it.

I'm still working out the kinks, seeing what is needed to set it up as a business, how I can help, how much I should charge (which is the hardest one for me to determine). I've already had a little interest shown, and if I can help just one person it would be worth it (OK, maybe not financially worth it, but I would get that nice warm feeling inside, probably). If you or anyone you know is interested then you can check out my Writing Coach page on my website, and fill out the contact form at the bottom:

Along with all this I'm still working through my new Ramton Gallow Mysteries book; the sequel to The Witch of Primrose Hill. I am hoping to get this new book out by the end of the year, so fingers crossed. 

As a side note, I only recently found out the the word Gallow is a now obsolete word from around the 17th Century that means 'to frighten'. Seeing that it is part of the name of a town where strange and scary things happen it seems quite apt.

As another side note, Ramton is a completely made up word so I can have it mean whatever I want it to mean. If Shakespeare can make up words then so can I. (Shakespeare also uses the word Gallow in King Lear).

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