Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Name of the Series

My big driving force for being a writer is that I have a manic imagination, and can think of ideas pretty much all the time. Granted, they are usually in a very basic form, but as long as I note them down for future exploration, they can be a good source for plots, though obviously not all of them are workable. Some, however, and these are the ones that really fly, can come almost fully formed from the most unlikely of places.

Due to this over active imagination I have a list of titles ready to write, which I have split into groups. Ones that can run as a series, of which I have two series' planned, and the rest as stand alone titles. The Witch of Primrose Hill is the first novel in a series, which I have now decided on a title for - The Ramton Gallow Mysteries.

I have five books so far planned in The Ramton Gallow Mysteries series, though I shall only tell you the title of the next one - The Amazing Pickwick Circus.

I will be starting on the journey of getting The Witch of Primrose Hill published very soon, once I am happy with it, so fingers crossed.

Monday, 16 March 2009

My Introduction

I had a desire to be a writer since I was eight years old when I met Sue Townsend, the author of the Adrian Mole books, at my school on the 23rd November 1985. However, it wasn't until 2001 that I actually decided to give it a go and write a novel. It started off really as just an experiment - could I do it?

The answer was yes, I could, and my first adult horror novel, a vampire story titled 'Ritual of Blood' was published in 2003. I set it in a fictional town, modelled loosely on the town I live now, in 1873.

While I was waiting for publication of 'Ritual of Blood' I began my next novel, this time a contemporary ghost story titled 'Killing Time'. I finished 'Killing Time' just as 'Ritual of Blood' came out, and it was published by Vanguard Press in 2004.

I took the next couple of years off writing seriously, and then in 2007 I decided to get back into it, only this time writing for more of a teenage market rather than an adult one, as the ideas I had been having catered more for that kind of audience. Currently I am working on a series, the first one of which is currently titled 'The Witch of Primrose Hill', and is in the final draft stage, and I am also writing a stand alone novel currently titled 'Falling Star'.


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