Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Clock is ticking.... Killing Time is out.

After months and months of work, set backs, and basically 'Life' getting in the way, Killing Time is finally ready and available to buy.  I originally wrote Killing Time back in 2002-3 while I was waiting for Ritual of Blood to get published. The plot came to me as I sat in my grandmother's house and looked at the clock on her mantlepiece as it chimed the hour. It had sat there for years, sometimes working, sometimes not, and I hadn't really taken much notice of it until I was thinking of my next writing project after being in the world of vampires.

From thinking how I could use the clock in a story, I then needed to come up with a villian to bring the horror into the plot - that was when I created The Dark Man (last seen in my novel, Falling Star).
Killing Time was published in 2004, and hasn't been in publication since 2006. This new version has been updated (I was amazed as how much culture and technology has changed in the past decade), and is more the way I wanted it to be originally.

You can get a copy now in paperback or ePub ebook format:


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