Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Vampires VS. Witches? - The Shadowing Coven

When I wrote Ritual of Blood I always thought that the characters were far too big for just one book, so after the publication of my first novel I went to work on the next one in the series, The Shadowing Coven. I got about two thirds of the way through before things outside the world of writing took over.  Ill health caused me to stop writing for a number of years, and it wasn't until I began working in The Witch of Primrose Hill that I managed to get back into the swing of things.  Needless to say, The Shadowing Coven was placed on the back burner while I built up my confidence to write again.

Fast forward nearly ten years since I began, and now finally The Shadowing Coven is finished, and the adventures of Victor Drake and the others have continued.  There shall be one more Vampire Hunter book to round off the trilogy and tie up all plot strings nice and neatly.

Set eighteen months after the events in Ritual of Blood, we find Victor Drake now married to Jessica, and trying to live a quiet life working at the British Museum, until news from his brother leads them away from London to Cornwall, where things drag Victor back into hunting not only vampires but also The Shadowing Coven, a sisterhood of witches hellbent on bringing the sister of Dran Val Karlic, named Ishanna, back into this world.

The publication date for The Shadowing Coven in paperback and Kindle formats is 31st March, with it being available in ePub eBook format about three months later.

Now work will have to begin in the final book, and hopefully this one won't also take nearly a decade to write.

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