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My Interview With... Kristy Brown.

For December's author interview I'm glad to introduce YA fantasy author, Kristy Brown. I read the first in her Kiera's Quest series, Awakenings, a while ago and absolutely loved it. Kiera's Quest is in four parts, (Awakenings, Sacrifices, Perceptions and Choices) and is published by Muse It Up Publishing.

Below is a short bio from Kristy, and a synopsis of the Kiera's Quest series, followed by my interview with her, enjoy:

Bio: Kristy Brown
I live in the North-East of England, UK. From an early age I had a love of writing, mostly poetry and short stories.

I trained and graduated in Performing Arts. After time went by, I wanted to re-visit my real passion. So after my first son was born, I began writing Kiera’s Quest.

I live happily with my very supportive husband and my two beautiful boys. I have many ideas for stories! I just wish there were more hours in the day.
(Taken from

Kiera's Quest series:
Meet Kiera, a pretty, intelligent, and talented girl, brought up by her uncle, and abandoned by her parents. Life is as normal as she believes it to be, apart from the deep ache inside her, telling her she’s different.

For years, Kiera’s had dreams where she ventures into a different reality. She’s not alone; a presence is always there, keeping her safe, yet she feels vulnerable, and hunted.

Zakk, Prince of Zantar, is under the Witch Queen’s spell as she tries to take over his world. He crosses paths with Kiera, and their fates are entwined.

As their journey unravels, she learns that she is not the only one affected by this Prince. Who is on her side? Will she find out why she has been chosen? How can someone so young, defeat such evil? Will she find the strength to save the ones closest to her? Will this be Kiera’s only Quest?

‘Kiera’s Quest’ is a journey of discovery, from a small seaside town, to a Kingdom from another realm. Will her life ever be the same again?
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was about thirty. I'd just had my first child. I started with short stories whilst he slept and they just got a bit longer each time. I wrote a lot of poetry as a teen and still have the odd moment when I feel a poem coming on.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I'm writing a Young Adult Paranormal Romance series. It's a lot racier than Kiera's Quest! It's in first person, not in third like Kiera.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
That's tough as there are so many writers that I haven't read yet. Hopefully mine is a mix of old classics like The Wizard of Oz and Clash of The Titans etc. It's a bit of a fairy tale with a modern twist.

Why did you choose the genre you write in?
I love fantasy! I read it, watch it and write it. Reality can be a little bleak sometimes, so I like to get lost in a good tale, the more farfetched the better! I do like to mix it up though, so often I'll read something which is more down to earth.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
Well, I like to write for two to three hours Monday to Friday when my kids are at school. I need total silence!

How much research do you do before and during a writing project?
That's the great thing about fantasy, hardly any! I can make up whatever land or race of being I want.

How does your writing process work?
Usually I handwrite a chapter in rough. Then I transfer to the computer and edit and re-edit it as I go. I usually know how my book will end before I start them. I just need to find a way of reaching that point.

Who are your writing influences and what other authors do you read?
There are so many great writers...Roald Dahl, John Green, Jennifer Armentrout, James Dashner, Rick Yancey, Becca Fitzpatric.... I could go on.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?
Read, watch movies, spend time with my kids,  see my friends, think about writing...

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
I mostly read their reviews, which 'mostly' are great. If people don't enjoy my stuff,  that can hurt but I'm not silly enough to think I can please everyone! Sometimes a reader will Tweet me, it's always been a positive experience when they do.


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